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Classic Driver Training

Classic Driver TrainingDriver training and maintenance courses. How to take care of a truck. Things to look for that might go wrong, general maintenance and repair.

Start your Driving Career with Classic Driver Training and Clayton Carlson. Driver Training that teaches you why and shows you how to drive.

Driver Training Course Guidelines


  • Essential skills required to obtain licence being applied for. Includes a lesson with handouts on the theory of shifting, and maneuvering a truck in traffic.
  • Advanced shifting on hills.
  • Hill brake check inspections, and runaway lane usage.
  • Brake control for prolonged steep hill decent.
  • Advanced backing, and docking.
  • Advanced maneuvering in a restricted environment.
  • Highway and freeway driving experience.
  • Narrow road driving experience.
  • Advanced traffic safety, predicting traffic patterns and controls.
  • Shifting techniques for different styles of transmissions.
  • Advanced understanding in how the truck and trailer air system works.
  • Four hour corse on the basic maintenance of a truck and trailer. How to adjust a clutch, check, wear points, steering, driveline, wiring, suspension, brakes, and how to spot repairs that may be needed. Can go longer or shorter in time, or get as in depth as the student desires.
  • How to put on and remove tire chains.
  • Load securement, theory as well as hands on practise.
  • Boarder crossing paper work essentials. For practical crossing passport and all personal documents will be required. Must be included into highway driving lesson.
  • Weigh scale crossing etiquette. May be combined with highway driving
  • Log book upkeep and requirements.
  • Refresher training for licensed drivers.
  • Driver evaluations for preemployment.
  • RV towing, and backing up refresher instruction.

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