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A Pictorial History of Kelowna BC

- Page 5 -

Orchard Orchard

By 1904 the potential of the land was being recognized.

The following are excerpts from brochures printed around that time by various agents of the real estate companies.

Tropical Fruits Grow Here

The climate and soil of this district favour the production of the very best varieties of apples, pears, plums, prunes, peaches, cherries, grapes and all sorts of small fruits; watermelons, sweet potatoes, tobacco, peanuts and many other things which the ordinary Canadian never dreams of being grown in his own country. Every advantage that kindly nature can bestow is here abundantly provided and only the skillful hand of the producer is needed to make the land a continuous garden.

Financial Returns from Investments in Fruit Orchards
The following figures compiled from reliable sources give the cost of a ten-acre orchard from the time it is set out until it begins to bear;

Cost of ten acres: $1500
Fencing: $100
Preparing land: $50
500 Apple tree: $125
Setting out: $25
Cultivating, Spraying, Pruning, etc., for 5 year: $700
Total cost: $2500

Kelowna Hospital Dr Benjamin Boyce

Kelowna Hospital opened in 1908

Dr Benjamin Boyce came to the area in 1894. He served the entire area first on horse, by horse and buggy, and finally by motor car.

Soon there were more doctors to call on, notably Dr. Keller and Dr William John Knox. The latter would become the deliverer of hundreds of Kelowna babies, and a much loved physician.

Telephone TelephoneKelowna's first telephone exchange

The first telephone service in Kelowna district was a private line five miles long between Postill Ranch and the home of Thomas Wood, J.P. in 1891. The first Kelowna installation was between the homes of Dr Boyce and Dr W.J. Knox. Kelowna's first service was organized by Harry Millie. It was in 1912 that Mr Millie sold his company to the Okanagan Telephone Co.

Kelowna Courier George Rose - Kelowna Courier

In July 1904 R.H. Spedding established Kelowna's first newspaper, the Kelowna Clarion. In October 1905 George Rose took it over changing its name to the Kelowna Courier.

George Rose was a talented writer with a flair for capturing the essence of the issues in his editorials. Nothing escaped comment, and he was a constant spur to the citizens of Kelowna during his 33 years as owner and editor of the Kelowna Courier.