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A Pictorial History of Kelowna BC

- Page 6 -

Kelowna 1905 Henry Raymer

Kelowna was incorporated into a city on May 4, 1905. The new city had a population of 600. Its first mayor was Henry (Harry) Raymer.

Waterous Engine and Hose Reeler
Waterous Engine and Hose Reeler
Brick Firehall built in 1924
Brick Firehall built in 1924

Kelowna Courier, July 1906
City council decided to buy Lot 10, Block 10, at the corner of Water Street and Lawrence Ave. and to build thereon a firehall 20x30 feet, two storeys high, at a cost of $800.

Kelowna Courier, Nov. 1914
The new fire auto had a tryout and fully came up to expectations. It was equipped with a horn, a miniature of the siren at the powerhouse and made a noise described as "ungodly".

Kelowna Regatta approximately 1908

The first Kelowna Regatta was held in 1906. This consisted of canoe and boat races, swimming, diving, and water oriented events. Soon competition with other towns in the Okanagan began. In time, towns as far away as Vancouver (even before the road link) came to the annual event.

Bernard Ave. 1909 Bernard Ave. 1909

In July 1904 R.H. Spedding established Kelowna's first newspaper, the Kelowna Clarion. In October 1905 George Rose took it over changing its name to the Kelowna Courier.


Electricity came to downtown Kelowna in 1909. A sight that dazzled shoppers coming in from the outlying districts, many of which did not have electric power until many years later.