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A Pictorial History of Kelowna BC

- Page 7 -


Built 1914 assembled at Okanagan Landing, regular service between Penticton and Okanagan Landing terminated January 5, 1935.

Meals: Breakfast 1.00, Lunch $1.25, Dinner $1.50, Cabins, Stateroom $2.50, Lower Berth $1.50.

Turned over to City of Penticton, August 27, 1951.

Civilians drilling in city park during W.W.1.

Kelowna's men going off to W.W.1 on the S.S. Sicamous

Kelowna's Gift of 1,000 men going off to W.W.1 on the S.S. Sicamous.

     For those who did not come home, the Kelowna War Memorial was dedicated on August 7, 1921. There are 134 names carved into the memorial.


Until 1925 Kelowna was entirely dependent on water transportation. All freight had to be towed to either Penticton or Okanagan landing. At long last the C.N.R. linked up Kelowna to its rail service. On September 11, 1925 the C.N.R. Locomotive #416 arrived punctually at 3:00 p.m. Whistles were blown, the band played and children turned out by the score to see their first Railway Engine.

By the 1920's there were all kinds of services. Schools, light and power, banks, churches, telephone and competitive stores