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A Pictorial History of Kelowna BC

- Page 9 -


A setting for a western, no but it could be. Kelowna's main street, Bernard Avenue boasted five buildings in a row down one side of the street. Cattle were ranging still at the time, and one old timer recalls coming into Kelowna during a severe winter and hearing the hungry cattle bawling on all sides. Eli Lequime had taken the initiative in building a general store downtown Kelowna. Bernard Avenue is named for his son.


Over a period of 60 years, the city progressed from hitching posts and wagons, to the latest in motor cars.

Kelowna 1909

Bernard Ave. 1909

Kelowna 1920

Bernard Ave. 1920

Kelowna 1930

Bernard Ave. 1930

Kelowna 1940

Bernard Ave. 1940

City of Kelowna 1948 Street Map

Kelowna 1950

Bernard Ave. 1950

Kelowna 1960

Bernard Ave. 1960