Kelowna BC


Carmelis Goat Cheese
170 Timberline Road
Kelowna, BC
Phone: (250)764-9033
* Carmelis is a family owned boutique dairy. Their cheeses are made from 100% goat milk.
* Carmelis offers organized tours with a look into the dairy plant, a visit to the aging cellar and a look at their goats.

4493A Stewart Rd East
Kelowna, BC
Phone: (250)764-1616
* For a one-of-a-kind educational experience, visit CrocTalk, a conservation facility that showcases prehistoric replicas of the SuperCroc plus live Crocodilians, Tortoises, African Wild Cats, and much more!

Dickinson Family Farm
17208 Bentley Road,
Summerland, BC
Phone: (250) 494-0300
* Take a guided tour or wander through the 10-acre orchard
* World's Tallest Orchard Ladder now in the Guinness World Book of Records
* RV and camping spots

Elysium Gardens & Nursery
2834 Belgo Rd,
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250)491-1368
* Elysium Gardens encompasses approximately 4 acres of perennial display gardens and a Japanese inspired garden. It is available for group or self-guided garden tours, garden weddings and photography.

Kasugai Gardens
1435 Water St,
Kelowna BC
* Japanese garden features a little waterfall, resting spots and statues.
* Located behind City Hall.

Kelowna Museums
470 Queensway Ave,
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250)763-2417
* Kelowna Museum, Orchard Museum, Wine Museum, The Laurel, and Military Museum

O'Keefe Ranch
Vernon BC
Phone: (250)542-7868
* A designated BC Heritage Site
* A guided tour of the Victorian style O'Keefe Mansion
* Vintage farm machinery, museum, historic buildings pan for gold, model railway, and rare breeds of farm animals

Parrot Island
5090 MacKinnon Road
Peachland BC
Phone: (250)767-9030
* Sanctuary for abandoned and abused exotic birds

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